Departments & SKUs

Departments & SKUs

Before you enter the items, you must understand the basics:

  • Home Depot departments (available in the Purchase Details)
  • Types of Items in QuickBooks
  • How to enter new items in QuickBooks or map existing items in HammerZen

You also need to decide how in-depth you want to go with departments—do you want to include general departments, subdepartments, and/or SKU numbers? Here is a quick explanation of departments and SKU numbers!

(Class and Subclass name are from the purchase details data and not from QuickBooks.)

Now select how to map the departments to products in QuickBooks. To keep additional details and simplify the mapping process from The Home Depot departments to QuickBooks products, you need to select one or multiple boxes.

Select "Next." 

(All the linking and mapping will be saved for future imports.)

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